Things Not to Do When In Court for a Marriage Annulment Case

It is very stressful to have to face a divorce or a child custody case in courts. All the litigators will be trying to compress a very complicated and intricate relationship into a few hours of a trial. If you have hired the legal help that you need, that help is responsible for preparing you and presenting your case to the court in the best possible manner. However, there are certain things that you should not do in court if you want to think about a fair outcome for yourself. Here they are.

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Do Not React Negatively To What Your Partner Is Saying

If you start to roll your eyes, look very rattled, make fun of or otherwise gesticulate negatively while your partner is speaking and relaying things from their point of view, it will not look good for you. They say that justice is blind and it may well be so but the person sitting there judging the case, is not blind. They are trained to make careful observations and will read your body language. If you feel that your partner is falsifying details or misrepresenting them, simply write a note or let your litigator know vocally so that they can subject your partner to a cross examination. Judges will not take it well if you try to mock your partner’s testimony.

Do Not Use the Word ‘My’ When You Talk About A Child

First hire a good service like Melbourne divorce lawyers and have them to explain to you what you must not say. If you are talking about a child, do not refer to them as ‘my child’ because that indicates that you are possessive about who should be the parent in control. Keep things neutral as much as possible.

Tell Your Litigator Everything That Is Needed For the Case

No matter how intimate and embarrassing it may be your litigator is there to represent you in the best possible way. They are not there to judge you. If you tell them something that was embarrassing but is relevant to the case, they will be prepared to clash it out if the other party brings it up against you. Leaving things untold means that you will be putting yourself at the risk of being completely vulnerable to the other party.

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Avoid Bringing In Too Many People

Many people will think twice before they let others know about personal information like their monthly income, tax amounts and the like. These are not things that should be told out loud for everybody to hear. But sometimes, when a marriage is being called off many people bring in an entire family and a group of close friends hoping that this will give them support and everything they need for the day, but can you actually trust everyone there to not judge you and to not take advantage of your situation? If you really need support just have about two people that you can trust unconditionally sit inside with you, but nothing more. An entourage is not necessary.

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