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Conference Sessions (Video)

Plenary 1: Faces of Wrongful Conviction Start Times End Times
Michael Schill, Dean of UCLA Law School 0:00 2:52
Gloria Romero, California Senator 3:19 29:08
Larry Marshall, Founder, Center on Wrongful Conviction 30:18 46:40
Introduction to California's Wrongfully Convicted 48:03 1:21:39
Barry Scheck, Co-Director, Innocence Project 1:21:51 1:52:23
Gloria Romero, California Senator 1:52:34 1:54:46
Workshop: When Memory Fails Start Times End Times
Gary Wells, Professor of Psychology, Iowa State University 1:44 59:18
Plenary 2: Racial Disparities and the Death Penalty Start Times End Times
Dorothy Ehrlich, Executive Director of ACLU NC 0:00 3:16
Michael Radelet, Professor of Sociology,University of Colorado 3:22 16:09
Shujaa Graham, California Exoneree Released from Death Row in 1981 18:22 32:40
Stephen Bright, Executive Director of Southern Center for Human Rights 33:55 45:24
Q & A with Audience/Speakers 45:29 56:46
Workshop: Executing the Innocent - Part 1
Workshop: Executing the Innocent - Part 2
Start Times End Times
Mike Farrell, President of Death Penalty Focus 0:00 7:25
Maurice Possley, Investigative Journalist for the Chicago Tribune 7:31 30:14
Sam Gross, Profess or Law, University of Michigan 31:28 54:12
Sam Millsap, Former Prosecutor and District Attorney in Texas 56:05 1:17:43
All Panelists 0:33 5:13
Q & A with Audience/Speakers 5:18 45:41
Workshop: Gideon's Broken Promise Start Times End Times
Sean Kennedy, Federal Public Defender of Los Angeles County 0:00 2:02
Tim Foley, Deputy Federal Defender 2:08 15:42
Elisabeth Semel,Director of the Death Penalty Clinic, Boalt Hall School of Law 15:45 35:09
Arthur Carmona, Wrongfully Convicted in California 35:10 53:38
Workshop: The Supreme Court and the Rights of the Innocent Start Times End Times
Eric Greene, Policy Assistant, ACLU SC 0:00 0:38
William Thompson, Author,"Misuse of DNA Evidence: A Case Study" 0:42 13:49
Rachel Dioso, Author, "Misuse of DNA Evidence: A Case Study" (Robin Lovitt) 13:58 29:08
Ken Starr, Dean of Pepperdine School of Law 29:19 56:52
Q & A with Audience/Speakers 57:20 1:02:47
Plenary 3: Where Do We Go From Here? Start Times End Times
New Directions Choir 2:29 8:14
Linda Starr, Legal Director, Northern California Innocence Project 8:51 13:19
Bryan Stevenson, Executive Director, Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama 13:23 33:55
Ken Starr, Dean of Pepperdine School of Law 34:14 50:12
Gloria Killian, Wrongfully Convicted in California 50:34 55:38
New Directions Choir 56:30 1:04:50

Storytelling: The Exonerees (Video)

Wrongfully Convicted: Albert Johnson

Wrongfully Convicted: Patrick Croy

Wrongfully Convicted: Dewayne McKinney

Wrongfully Convicted: John Restivo

Wrongfully Convicted: Rick Walker

Wrongfully Convicted: Glen "Buddy" Nickerson

Wrongfully Convicted: Gloria Killian

Wrongfully Convicted: Ron Keine

Wrongfully Convicted: Aaron Owens

Wrongfully Convicted: Chol Sol Lee

Wrongfully Convicted: David Pope

Wrongfully Convicted: David Quindt

Wrongfully Convicted: Ken Marsh

Wrongfully Convicted: Pete Rose

Wrongfully Convicted: Antoine Goff

Wrongfully Convicted: Arthur Carmona

Wrongfully Convicted: Herman Atkins

Wrongfully Convicted: Greg Wilhoit

Wrongfully Convicted: Harold Hall

Wrongfully Convicted: Gordon Hall

Storytelling: The Exonerees (Podcasts)

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